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                      締軒深知,只有品質,才是我們長期獲得市場認可的保證??苛畠r材質、手工作坊、減少質量控制環節來達到低價競爭的短視行為與我們無緣。 締軒照明始終堅持品質第一,從原材料的質檢,在線生產質量監控,出廠質檢,開箱抽檢,把握產品的每一個環節,以保證每一件產品送到客戶手中都能讓我們安心,讓消費者放心。把握好品質的第一道關,是我們完善售后服務的開始。 我公司售出產品,嚴格執行國家《三包法》及相關質量管理規定。對各類產品均提供優質的質保服務。

                      Xuan association know that only quality is our guarantee of long-term gain market acceptance. Rely on cheap materials, handicraft workshop, reducing quality control link to achieve short-sighted behavior of price competition and we missed. Associating Xuan lighting always adhere to quality, from quality control of raw materials, production-line quality control, factory inspection, sampling out of the box, grasp every aspect of the product, in order to ensure that every product to our customers can make us feel at ease , to reassure consumers. A good grasp of the quality of the first pass, we improve the service to start. My company sold products, strict implementation of the national "Three Guarantees Law" and the relevant quality regulations. On all kinds of products to provide quality warranty.

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